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This is our new website! Some sections are still under construction.

We moved to Ulm!

Since the beginning of March we are part of the Institute for Organic Chemistry II and Advanced Materials at Ulm University! You can find us in M25 in rooms 3401 to 3410 and at the POLiS Cluster of Excellence building, Lise-Meitner-Straße 16.

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PhD and Postdoc positions!

We have two job openings: One for a PhD position and one for a postdoc position, both embedded within the Cluster of Excellence POLiS. For details and application, check out the links above!


Paper Accepted!

Pascals paper about high mass loadings in phenothiazine based organic batteries has been accepted in ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng. !


Find it here.


Congratulations Gauthier!

Gauthier Desmaizieres successfully defended his PhD thesis with the title "Synthese und Untersuchung von redoxaktiven Polymeren für die Anwendung als Elektrodenmaterialien in organischen Batterien".



Two Papers Accepted!

Two Papers by Jan and Mathias about Dibenzopentalene containing nanohoops were accepted in Organic Letters and Synlett !


Find more information here.


Bachelor and Master students wanted!

If you are interested in joining our group for a Bachelor or Master Thesis feel free to contact Prof. Esser or one of our group members! You can find an overview over possible topics here.

Find the News Archive here.

Join us!

You are interested in joining our group? Find more information here.