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Esser Lab @ Ulm University

The Esser Lab is located at the Institute of Organic Chemistry II and Advanced Materials at Ulm University. You can find us in M25 in rooms 3401 to 3410, in O25/O26 and at the POLiS Cluster of Excellence building, Lise-Meitner-Straße 16 in Ulm.

- News -


Three papers accepted

Robin's paper on a symmetric all-organic batteries using a double-redox phenothiazine polymer was accepted in ACS Appl. Polymer Materials.


Adil's paper using a double mitigation strategy to enable superior cycling performance of pillar[5]quinone in Na batteries was accepted in Batteries & Supercaps.


Liping developed an Mg-ion-conducting gel polymer electrolyte to inhibit oligosulfide shuttling in Mg-S batteries, published in ACS Appl. Energy Mater.


Congratulations to all!


Paper accepted

Our joint paper with Oliver Dumele's group is out in JACS where we investigate an azatruxene-COF as electrode materials for anion insertion in Mg-based battery cells. Check it out here.


Two new PhD students!

After finishing their master thesis in the group Eva Bräutigam and Michael Keis rejoined us for their PhD. Welcome back!


Congratulations Robin!

Robin Weßling successfully defended his PhD thesis with the title "Redox-Active Organic Polymers for Application in Non-Conventional Energy Storage Systems".



Congratulations Gauthier!

Gauthier Studer successfully defended his PhD thesis with the title "Synthesis and Electrochemical Investigation of Organic Electrode Materials for Aluminum and Magnesium Batteries".



Three new PhD/Masters students!

After finishing his master thesis in the group Lars Hinrichs rejoined us for his PhD. Welcome back! We also welcome Yannik Hansmann, who joined the group as a PhD student and Elias Hofmann, who joined for a Master thesis.


New Bachelor student!

Lisa Neige joined the group for her Bachelor thesis. Welcome and good luck!


New PhD student!

Isabel Morhenn joined the group for her PhD. Welcome and good luck!


New PhD student!

After finishing his master thesis in the group Tobias Wasserrab rejoined us for his PhD. Welcome back!


New master students!

Eva Bräutigam and Nico Kokott recently started their master thesis. Welcome to the group!


New PhD student and new bachelor student!

Alexander Tombrink just started his PhD and Sarah Rieger started her bachelor thesis in the group. Good luck!


Two new bachelor students

Levin Göttinger and Moritz Podiebrad startet their bachelor thesis in the group. Good luck!


ERC Consolidator Grant

Birgit receives an ERC Consolidator grant. Excited to embark on project NanOBatt! PhD and postdoc positions will be available soon. Check out the press release here.


Two new group members

Daniel Baumgarten (PhD student) and Lars Hinrichs (Master Thesis) recently joined our group. Welcome and good luck!


Paper accepted

Gauthier's paper on an high capacity aluminum battery featuring a two-electron redox phenothiazine polymer cathode was accepted in Energy & Environmental Science! Check it out here.


Three new Group Members

Álvaro Martínez (visiting scientist), Michael Keis (Master Thesis) and Bernd Schulz (Bachelor Thesis) recently joined our group. Welcome and good luck!


New Master Student

Tobias Wasserrab just started his Master Thesis in the group. Good luck!


Two papers online

Mathias's work on perfluorophenyl-substituted thioether-dibenzopentalenes, which lead to a tighter solid-state packing, with theoretical calculations performed by David.

Find it here, published in Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry.


Collaborative work with Oliver Dumele's group on antiaromatic dibenzopentalene-based COF: First example of DBPs as battery electrode materials, measurements done by Manik, published in J. Am. Chem. Soc..

Find it here.


Paper Accepted!

Immobilizing poly(vinylphenothiazine) in Ketjenblack is a great strategy to boost its cycling stability: Check it out in Advanced Functional Materials.


Find it here.

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