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We are always looking for highly motivated Bachelor- and Master students, as well as PhD students and Postdocs to join the team. You might have to apply for a fellowship to provide your own funding.

If you are interested to join our team feel free to contact Prof. Birgit Esser via mail (birgit.esser[at]

Topics for Bachelor Theses and Project Internships 2022

Nanohoops und -loops

Dibenzopentalene-based nanohoops – Supervisor: Philipp Seitz

Paracyclophane-based loops – Supervisor: Luisa Rzesny

Organic electrode materials for batteries

Dibenzopentalene-based electrode materials Supervisor: Philipp Penert

Super-electron donors as electrode materials Supervisor: Luisa Rzesny

Redox polymers for aluminum-based batteries Supervisor: Gauthier Studer